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We are here to partner with parents on their journey to raise amazing people!  These tools will help you learn to identify and develop your natural way of doing, also known as your mode of operation.  Discover career options for students, graduates, and working adults.




Perfect for adults and teens 17 and above, Kolbe A provides a more detailed explanation of a person's unique strengths.  This will help parents understand their own personal way and how they may differ from their children.  We can then bridge the gap!  

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WHAT YOU'LL UNCOVER WITH OPGIG and why is this a great tool?


It gives your child something to strive for based on what they instinctively are inclined to do.


Discover roles that suit you within your Interest Areas

  • Complete a job-related survey that assesses your conative strengths

  • See job openings for your Best Bet career


OPgigSM Program Works – for students, graduates and working adults

We assess your conative capabilities and interests. Then, we match them to careers. We have assessment tools that have been used by job holders and evaluators for over 30 years to identify the conative capabilities required to succeed in jobs.

This unique methodology can not be found in any other career program.


BrainyAct™ Natural Abilities Assessment identifies a child’s natural way of solving problems, communicating, and learning most effectively. It’s a scientifically validated hands-on assessment for verbal and nonverbal children age 3+.

During BrainyAct assessments, kids are given the freedom to take action on their own  – free of learned behavior, preferences, and beliefs. By acting purely on creative instincts the child reveals an ingrained pattern of doing things – their Natural Abilities